The project Faces of Bulimia is a community health visual exhibition (curated by me that works to tell the stories of individuals who struggle or have struggled with bulimia. In my experience making a connection to a picture is far easier than connecting to words on a page, facts, or figures regarding a mental health topic. Connecting to another human’s story, visualizing their journey, what it looks like, and what it may feel like, opens the door for the deepest level of awareness, empathy, and understanding. The project Faces Of Bulimia asks the general public to witness these stories in order to foster deeper community connection, compassion, support and resources to help individuals overcome this eating disorder.

I AM CURRENTLY SEEKING PARTICIPANTS FOR THIS PROJECT. Whether you are a survivor, someone who is still fighting, or a family member/friend of someone who has suffered, I want to hear your story and tell you more about this project. I have provided a form below. Please only provide your contact information if you would like me to reach out and provide more details of the project with you.

This project is sponsored and  supported by Global Health Disrupted, an international grassroots nonprofit that believes in supporting local leaders, partnering with
communities, and taking creative approaches to improve health around the world.